I can show you how to stop the cycles in your recruiting efforts that aren't increasing your talent database/pipeline and show you how to establish your brand to yield a real return.

Success Coach

Monique Davis

Recruiting & Staffing Agency Coach

There's a reason my title is Success Coach, not just "Business Coach" or "Career Coach")

Most of the time as a staffing agency or independent recruiter, there are so many resources, technologies, and business tools out that can just feel overwhelming..


My one on one recruiting success strategy session can help us identify what your business needs are, define your clients and/or talent in a laser focused manner using the latest AI technologies, and create a campaign that will bring you to the NEXT level in your recruiting business' success . 

I am not the average step by step coach married to the process. Your ideas, your brand, and your specialties are unique so your solutions should be unique as well.


Let's get your customized success strategy started with a call. 




I am very selective with my clientele, especially in a group setting. I foster a safe and sacred learning environment. I've also witnessed businesses thrive by collaboration in a group of amazing minds geared towards a shared goal of intentional success. Not only do you receive actual sourcing guides, strategies and real life business/brand solutions from me, but you also get the gift of peer learning as you walk alongside like-minded recruiters ready to succeed intentionally. 


Many clients have discovered that group coaching gives them more time to reflect, implement, and integrate those new insights.

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Terms and Conditions:

All payments are 100% Non Refundable. Payment plans can only be partially paid as specified in payment options. 

Discovery calls/Initial consultations are added to the overall program cost and are also non refundable.


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